le bon sens


What’s different about Workshops with Arabel? They’re dynamic, efficient and… fun! My innovative technique based on the use of the 5 senses helps you learn more efficiently! Lots of situation work, games, and roleplay with an experienced language trainer!

What will I learn?   You’ll be adding new words and expressions to your vocabulary because the senses activate your capacity to learn and memorize.

What level of French should I have?   Maybe you learned a little French at school or you’ve been learning as you go since you’ve been in France. You don’t have to be proficient, you just want to be able to have better conversations with French-speaking people and have fun learning.

Here’s how we’ll be working with the 5 Senses :

La Vue (sight)           – see photos, videos, PowerPoints, flashcards
L’Ouïe (hearing)      –listen to audio extracts  blindfolded,  match sounds to a story
Le Toucher (touch) –touch objects blindfolded and describe
L’Odorat (smell)      – identify smells and talk about the memories they conjure up
Le Goût (taste)         – the hotspot of the half-day, the meal. You’ll be smelling the delicious dishes proposed for the meal, describing them and then…. eating them!

How long does it last?   3 half-days (approx. 4 hours/morning) in one week/3 half-days over 3 weeks.

Where will the Workshop be?  Arabel’s place in Manosque, or a participant’s house.

How many participants will there be?   Minimum 6, maximum 8

When does the Workshop start?   The first Workshop with Arabel should start around starts around 17th October, as soon as we have a group of at least 6 people.

What do I need to bring?   A notebook, something to write with, and a smile, all the rest is provided.

Did you say something about meals?   Yes, the meal (starter, main dish & dessert) is when we talk about the scents, flavours and textures we’ve learned and of course, enjoy delicious fragrant food.

All our meals are based on a maximum of organic and local products. We cater for vegetarians but not vegans. Don’t forget to tell us if you have any food allergies.

And how much will it cost me? 280 € for the 3 half-days. (4 hours per morning including tea/coffee break and lunch)

 Contact : Arabel 06 70 55 18 10